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                                We need your help….

            The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team (CGCRT) has partnered with Square Foot Ministries and Americas Home Place

             to build a 3 bedroom/2 bath 1130sf home.

            This effort is for a family of six (three of whom are school age).  Their home was badly damaged by Hurricane Michael in 2018

            and without the needed funds for repair, the structure continued to deteriorate; this family of six have been living in a (now)

            condemned home.     

            With great thanks to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America-Disaster Services Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCA for a grant

            to the CGCRT for building materials - and partnerships with Square Foot Ministry, and America’s Home Place, the CGCRT is able      

            to build this family a new home.

            How can you help?  We need local volunteers!  All skill sets are welcomed.

                   * Monday, September 26th thru Friday, September 30th

                   * 7:30 am EST – 5:00 pm EST

                   * Volunteer for a half-day, day/s, the whole week (18&older)

                   * Wewahitchka

                   * Water, snacks, and lunch (at the job site), and dinner (in PSJ) will be provided for our volunteers 


            Please consider donating your time. 

            To sign up for this project, click HERE and you will be directed to SignUpGenious. 

            Please contact us if assistance is needed via CGCRT Email


            This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community by helping a family recover. 

            Cash donations towards materials are also greatly appreciated.


            Thank You,

            The Citizens of Gulf Country Recovery Team

fundraising goal: $218,000

Gulf County residents suffered massive damage from the 2018 cat-5 hurricane, the largest on record to ever hit the Gulf coast.

Four years have passed and many of our community's most vulnerable are still living in homes that are literally falling down around them.  
With your help, we can help them build back.

Please visit our "Donate" page and


     Happy Summer                             Gulf County
                              Stay Cool

From the Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team 

We Love Our Wonderful Volunteers

Volunteers Make All the Difference!

             "THANK YOU"  to our Generous Sponsors!     

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Check out the Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team featured in the 2020 campaign video for
United Way of NorthWest Florida 

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