The Long-Term Recovery Group through this Committee partnered with World Renew Disaster Response Services to conduct a community needs assessment. This assessment identified the most vulnerable and priority populations, housing and construction needs as well as overall cost for construction for the assessed households.

*Report will be made available


The purpose of this Committee is to provide the structure for the provision of Disaster Case Management for households (HH) impacted by Hurricane Michael. Long Term Recovery Team has partnered with United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and Catholic Charities to provide Disaster Case Management.   The Committee is waiting for the implementation of the FEMA funded Disaster Case Management Program that is anticipated to serve approximately 1,200 HH.  


This committee serves a pivotal role in the recovery effort to address unmet needs.  The team is responsible for identifying external organizations with human capital and resources in addition to local groups that can provide labor to support needs.  Coordinates with the Construction Management committee on scheduling teams to complete work orders and manages the logistics of hosting (housing, food, transportation, etc).  The committee is also responsible for tracking volunteer hours and managing paperwork and scheduling.  Efforts to identify existing and potential volunteer housing, drafting protocols for selection, safety, liability, owner agreements, orientation and training if applicable are part of the recently initiated scope of work. Part of the long term vision is to create a sustainable engagement of a local volunteer base to increase capacity and community resiliency 


The purpose of this committee is to analyze numbers of homes for immediate and temporary repairs and provide professional costs estimates.  The construction committee also works with the American Institute of Architecture on long term planning for community housing and advocates on behalf of individuals with the County and City regarding availability and allocation of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and SHIP funding  Provides logistics and planning for materials and equipment donations, transportation and warehousing solutions


The purpose of the committee is to enhance emotional and spiritual support in Gulf County.  To date the committee has worked with the Life Management Center to hold Mental Health First Aid training: researching ways to expand faith based lay caring ministry; and determine ways to provide for positive messaging about hope and recovery.  The committee is partnering with Project Hope with Life Management Center, community organizations and ministerial association.  


The purpose of the Committee is to use the results of the of the Community Needs Assessment to seek donations and funding to support the Unmet Needs Committee


The purpose of this committee is to create a coordinated communication and decision making Hub in order to streamline and efficiently seek and distribute necessary funding for unmet needs.

The committee achieves its mission by convening partners and funders, providing standard procedures for the presentation and screening of case requests.  It will convene hearings and make decisions regarding allocation of funds/materials and services in addition to tracking and reporting. The function of this team becomes increasingly more important as the number of agencies interacting grow.